Thursday, February 28, 2008

Railway People will get first benefit of 6th pay revision

"The Railway Minister, Mr Lalu Prasad, has made a provision of Rs 4,500 crore to meet the impact of the recommendations of the Sixth Pay Commission during the coming fiscal. Of this, Rs 4,000 crore would go towards covering the revised salary bill of serving employees and another Rs 500 crore for pensions." Read full story at here. This is the latest news about 6th pay commission.
Indian railway is the biggest employer in India with strength of employees 16 lakh (1.6 million).

Why 6th pay commition should not be implimented.

People in Govt sector are supposed to serve the public. They should not think about luxuries and compare themselves with the private sector. The private sector is there to make profits which it may share with its employees, but the Govt sector exists to serve the Indian citizen majority of whom are poor. Therefore the Govt servant should live like a sanyasi on the bare minimum salary and comfort. If such people want to make money, they should quit their jobs and join the private sector. (This is what a common people thinks about Government Employee, this attitude of thinking need to change)

Monday, February 25, 2008

6th pay commission pay scale table updates

The revised pay scale of central government employee will be as follows after implementation of 6th pay commission recommendations. There is a possibilities that the actual revised pay scale will be different from what it is shown here, but more or less central government employee will get approximately same pay as shown in chart after pay revision.

Click on image to see enlarged view.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

6th pay commission latest urgent news

August 18: 6th pay commission is approved by cabinet, without any major changes in original sixth pay commission report. No change in grade pay announced.

Till yet govenment has not given hint for DA applicable for modified 6th pay commission report.

After Union Government its now the turn of various State Government. May states have announced the implementation of 6th Pay Commission in their respective states. UP, Haryana, Tamilnadu, West Bengal have already announced the implementation. It is hoped the majority of the states will announce the implementation this month itself.