Thursday, June 12, 2008

Modification in pay scale only for Defence Personnel and Police

Under pressure on account of mounting expenditure, the government is likely to make only marginal changes in the recommendations made by the Sixth Pay Commission. Changes are likely only in the case of defence personnel and police forces, it is understood.

The committee of secretaries headed by Cabinet secretary K M Chandrashekhar looking into the commission’s recommendations is expected to submit its report by the end of July. These would then go to the Cabinet for approval.

Another panel headed by finance secretary D Subbarao is separately looking into the grievances of defence and police forces. This committee will give its inputs to the committee of secretaries that has secretaries of the departments of home, defence, revenue, expenditure, post, security as well as deputy comptroller and auditor general and member secretary of Railway board as its members.

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Raghubir said...


Shortsighted Approach

1. Thinking that short service commission or inducting women into in large numbers in the services-would overcome the perennial deficiency of officers is based on wrong premises. Unless the military service is made attractive both in terms of pay & perks with much greater honour & dignity attached to the profession of soldiering as in the olden days-the things would not improve.

2.It should be realized that amidst the present chaos, corruption, expediency of dividing people, intensified internal & external threats –the armed forces remain the only hope to keep us safe & united. Be it war or continuing warlike situations during peacetime –like terror affected areas, naxal belt, natural calamities - the services have always stood by the nation. When ex-servicemen lead by generals come on to the streets complaining of injustice, the nation ought to take notice & look into their grievances.

3.More than any thing else so far the omissions of the Sixth Pay Commission have driven the last nail & punctured the immense tolerance the military veterans. The recent outburst of Honorable Minister of State for Defence about the peaceful movement by ex-servicemen not only reflects the utter intolerance but also indication enough that nothing much is in the offing from the futile whitewashing exercise presently going to cover up the loud bureaucratic imprints on the recommendations.

Place in the Sun

4.All efforts so far have been to deprive & suppress the services people of their rightful place in the scheme of things. Even though the services constitute 40% of the central government strength – none from amongst them was taken on board in the pay commission which was also expected to provide succor to the services. Apparently it had been preplanned to fix them lower as in the past while enriching the creamy layers further. Case in point is lowering the length of service to just 14 years for elevation to joint secretary through gazette notification in Jan 2008. Pray what was the tearing hurry while the pay commission was on? How can one equate Major Gen of 33 years with a joint secretary of half his service length? Pushing down the protocol ladder has been going on quite systematically ever since independence. No disrespect to any one-but how come the three service chiefs have been placed lower than the CAG? In some departments in the defence they had quite craftily floated bogie of all being equal in research to make their own people more equal. Such anomalies need to be corrected.

Pushed to the Wall

5. Equity remains one of the cardinal principles of any management system. Instead of further pushing down the service people, efforts should be made to restore their dignity & financial package so that soldiering once again becomes a preferred career option. Armed forces being deficient to the extent of 25%, long que of officers waiting to quit, even refusing higher command courses & cradles of leadership both at NDA &IMA being half empty in the new courses are ominous signs of the services losing even the artificial shine it had. There is no point in assuming that every thing is hunky dory-if it is not.

6.The government must realize that apart from IAS there are other services & cadres too which have expectations. Nation can move forward through harmony & not by etching divisions amongst its people on the basis of caste, creed, reservations, geographical zones or shades of backwardness. At least such system should not be created in the government services.

Too much Tilt
7.But that is exactly what has been happening & the pay commission has only widened the gulf between the haves & have-nots further. It can be safely said that the present pay commission is pro IAS & there are only crumbs for others. The protests are pointer about too much tilt?

Bands & Goodies

8.The Commission headed by a distinguished juror has been taken on to a garden path leading to yet more power & pelf to the blue eyed service. While recommending Pay Band-4 scales for joint secretary and above or massive package of severance grant of 80 months pay or the bulk of financial benefits, perks and privileges to the Pay Band-4, the commission has failed to take into account the fact that 98% Service Officers retire in Pay Band 3.

9.Although the CPC had indicated that Military Service Pay (MSP)was included while fixing a service officer to 2-star level, this has not actually been done. On the other hand all IAS officers promoted prior to 01 Jan 06 have been accorded the same MSP equivalent. The bulk of goodies recommended by the 6 CPC for Joint Secretary & above shows the obvious bias. This contrasts with the disadvantages its recommendations have heaped on the Armed Forces. To add insult to injury, the Sixth CPC has also recommended all Group A Services to have a two year gap for promotion behind the IAS in being placed in Pay Band-4. However, for strange reasons, this largesse has been denied to the Armed Forces officers.

One against Hundred

10. In Armed Forces 98% officers are concentrated in Pay Band-3 and only a fraction of less than 1% reach Pay Band-4 after a prolonged wait of 33 years while100% of IAS have ensured their elevation to joint secretary level in 14 years. The ratio is already skewed being one out of hundred in 33 years against cent percent in 14 years.


11. Massive resentment among the rank and file & agitation by the military veterans shows the deep fissures the Sixth CPC has already caused - as never before. The movement by ex-servicemen would only result in demoralization and convey the impression that they don’t not care. The services have stood by the nation through war & peace without any hesitation so far. The government would do well to constitute a commission for the defence services instead of piecemeal patch work on this report which is beyond repair. A Group of Ministers could address to the problems of the services & the veterans. The services are at cross road & their problems must be acknowledged first to find solution in the earnest

Crude Shock

12. It is believed that the Committee of Secretaries could submit its report soon now that there is opportune time amidst escalating crude at $139 a barrel giving rude shock to the economy. As usual the services people would be expected to make yet another sacrifice in accepting lower pay & diminishing status. But should a lone segment be the only sacrificial goats?

Air Cmde Raghubir Singh (Retd)

Manmohan Singh, Commandant, (retd said...


I certainly agree with the dismay and anguish manifested in the blog of Air Comde Raghubir Singh (retd). The raw deal which Armed forces and para-military forces of this country are getting at the hands of government and its machinery remind me about the warning the great stratagician Kautilya gave long back. Don't weigh the valour of your soldiers with their repaeted sacrifices, the state must care for them and their families, failing which the state can hardly defend itself.
What a crude joke and shock of life that those starting their career in Air Condition continue to rise on the graph of both corruption and career unhindered, politician keep on hobnobbing with them, but those who keep on toiling to maintain internal security and busy to ensure the safety of our skies, maritime boundry and borders are completely ignored.

At least countrymen are crying for the better pay and perks to Armed Forces of the country. But look at the plight of Personnel of Paramilitary Forces. No one is talking about them. Respective Directors General are not satisfied with their scale, how can they talk for their Jawans or Officers. At least all the three chiefs had the guts to convey through the raksh mantri about the feelings of Armed Forces, but no one in the helm of affairs appear to have realised that Para Military Forces Like BSF, ITBP, CRPF ,CISF, SSB etc also deserve better deal. Their nature of job is akin to Infantary, particularly the BSF, ITBP and Assam Rifle.

Will some one really pay attention or let injustice continue thinking that it may end at its own one day.

Manmohan Singh, Commandant (retd)

kartikey said...

1. Would you like to join an organisation which you join at the age of 21-24 yrs and it tells you at your age of 38/41 years that now you are now unwanted in this org.(IT MEANS NO PROMOTION FOR 75-80 PERCENT of officers AFTER THIS )
Not only this the org also tells you at your age of 44/45 that now you will not get any increase in your pay( PAY SCALE FOR Lt Col is 15100-400-18300 and it starts at the service of 13 years and reaches to its max at 21 years of service)
then when you are 54 years of age it just throws you out.
and this treatment is given to atleast 75 percent of you who join together.

At the age of 45 why should you be forced to start looking for a new career. at the age of 22 only why do'nt you join an org which looks you after till your age of 60 years
2. AND ON THE TOP OF ALL THIS YOU ARE NEVER TOLD ABOUT THE FACTS ABOVE before joining the org . BECAUSE ORG knows the repercussions
3. In other services all the officers reach to the so called supertimescale after 16/17 years of service(18400—22400) In army the individual is finished at the service of 16/17 years(at least 70-75 percent of those who join)
4. Now if army officer is not a class one officer why the fact is being hidden from the young boys they must be told about all these facts before joining. In fact it should be advertised properly so that all those who join inspite of knowing the fact they never leave army.

Nut said...

Can anybody ask Justice Srikrishna, how he put Lascar, NC(E), Masalchee, water carrier, Sepoy, Naik and Havildar of Army ( Their counterparts in Air Force and Indian Navy) in same Pay Band? Try to understand this in other way, Lascar, Masalchee, Water carrier (Non Matric),Sepoy, Naik & Havildars( Matric, Intermediate, Diploma Engineers, Post Graduate, BEd etc).What a nice Club of Qualifications? Carl Marx might be craving in graveyard, How he could not got this innovative idea? Justice sahib, you really deserve Nobel Prize for recommending this utopian theory. All three chief also deserve same Medal for their statement, "We are fully satisfied with the recommendations of SPC about PBORs" What should I comment on this? You're thinking bad effect on Morals of Lt Cols during joint operations with CPMFs but did bother to think, How it will affect morals, Skills and Fighting Spirits of your soldiers once they are being equated and paid at par with Peons. I really failed to understand rationale behind these recommendations. May be Mr. Justice Srikrishna (Being civilian) faulted in his assessment, but What to say about our own Chiefs who every year take oath "to put honour & welfare of his soldiers before self". Distinguished/ Respected/Honorable/ Patriot/Experienced and dedicated Chiefs, if this is the meaning of this Oath, please discontinue. I will be grateful for this great service to Nation especially to "Armed Forces"
Jai Hind!!!
Jai Bharat!!!

Nut said...

Why you people are thinking about only officeres after getting so much handsome amount still they are crying and no body is looking into the matter of PBORS for X Group Sgt/Havladar they are merged with the GP- D imployes, what do you think this is not disparty with them? they were getting the Basic Rs 5000/- as per that their starting pay pay is Rs 9300/- but they are in PB- 1 Band but if you compare with any one they should in PB-2 Band but no body is looking this matter because they are not haveing the wright to raise their problem. What ever officers are recommanding for them that is final.