Saturday, May 3, 2008

What non-army employees say about 6th cpc

1. 6th Pay commission submitted its report. which complicated whole affairs. Report washed away all efforts made by previous pay commissions.

2. GP "B" employees merger in the pay scale with other gp C employees has put them in great constraint.

3. Accounts officer's (in organized accounts department) pay scale upto 4th pay commission was one step more than the (entry grade2200-4500) ie 2375-3500 which was put to 7500-12500 in 5the pay commission i.e. one step below the entry grade ie 8000-13500.these Accounts officer upto 5th pay commission were treated equal to major rank in the ARMY and were accommodated in the officers Mess. With implementation of 6th pay commission they will be placed equal to the rank of sub major in army and Shall be accommodated in jco, S messes. please think what will be the efficiency of these officer when presently saluted by upto captain rank officers will be treated as JCO of the ARMY.

4. Reduction of scales to four scales with the span of 35 to 52 years is useless as no one is going to serve for 52 years.

5. Increment at 2.5 % is less than the present benefit. We are happy if one master scale is given to all ranks .

6. raising of pay for scales of 26000/- and 30000/- with the multiplier of 3 to 80000/- and 90000/- created discrimination and proved that poor will remain poor and rich will remain rich. Is proportion of 1:20 reasonable between lowest and the highest?

7. It is there fore requested that every ones Basic pay should be multiplied by three and fixed in respective existing scales multiplied by three without reducing the scales to 4 scales as proposed.

we should be favorable to our Army but not surrender to them Army is within the masses and masses is not within the Army. they should be paid much higher allowances in the field and operations and normal in the peace type location. There should not be any comparison with the civil servant. More you give, more they will demand and there will be no end to it.

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Anonymous said...

army in peace also is tied up for 24 hrs. A soldier is well under Military Law and also abide by Civil Law during peace time. He cannot leave his place of duty after eight hrs like his civilian cunterparts. He has to give night guard duties at sensitive installations even in peace. So, you cannot compare the hardships of a soldier with a normal govt employee. Govt cannot provide 100% married accomodations to a soldier and also cannot post every soldier to his hometown. In maximum of the civil govt employees cases the individual invariably gets one or two postings to his hometown from where he can settle his family whereas a it cannot happen in a soldiers case. There are many such problems related to a soldier's 24 hr committment which cannot be sensed by insensitive people. One has to serve in army to judge the intangible problems related to army life.

Anonymous said...

A soldier is informed before he/she joins defence about hardship in armies life.It can not be compared with what govt. pays so it is morel duty of a soldier to safe guard national security.So it doesn't mean solder life is different from civil life.If you want understad hardship faced in civil life you will have to live civil life buy the things at civil departmental stores to understand the sky rocketing prices of daily needs.Let the govt give all facilities what defence gets i.e at subsidiesed rates then no body will have diputes.Then it doesn't mean I oppose facilities given to Defence,but i want tell you that please don't under estimate civil staffs problems let them put their point. A Humble Soldier