Saturday, May 3, 2008

Army need double Military Service Pay (MSP)

Since there is so much hue & cry over the loss of moral among army officers due to low salaries, I think it is appropriate time that actual nature of 'military' job may be identified for each category of post and posting.

The Military Service Pay is a misnomer and it should be renamed as Hardship Pay because every military rank is not necessarily a hard posting. Every jawan or officer working in so identified hardship posting, say at Siachin, must be entailed to equal Hardship pay, irrespective of whether he is a jawan or officer. More so, because officer still enjoys some facilities even at these postings but the condition for jawans is really bad. So, a hardship pay of Rs. 6000 must be payable to all those posted at hard postings, so identified.

Regarding the claim of other officers/jawans for MSP (Hardship Pay), their actual working environment should considered. For eg. persons posted in Delhi or any other major city, working in offices, having accommodation nearby, are no no way different from his counterpart in a civilian service.

It would therefore, be quite absurd to pay MSP (Harship pay) to persons posted in Ministry of defense or defense HQs, as they do no suffer any hardship in that posting, though they are in forces, but in fact they are better than civilian counterparts at these postings. (This post is from the comment of other post)

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